Nordoc AB commenced operations in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2012, and during the period 2013-2018, it conducted a large number of informative seminars, training sessions, and recruitment activities for specialized doctors and nurses in the Swedish healthcare system.

Scores of Greek doctors and nurses currently serving in the Swedish healthcare system have been informed, trained, or recruited with the assistance of Nordoc AB.

Today, Nordoc AB operates fully digitally in terms of education and communication, as well as in learning the Swedish language.

The extensive online dissemination of information has reduced the need for informative seminars, allowing us to focus our efforts on organizing recruitments, always commissioned by major organizations in Sweden, such as healthcare regions and hospitals.

At Nordoc AB, we have over 25 years of cumulative experience in selecting and offering the appropriate position to healthcare professionals with the corresponding scientific and social profile. We identify the right profile through our extensive network of contacts in Greece and Sweden and explore the requirements for a successful relocation.

We then provide training in the Swedish language, Swedish culture, and the Swedish healthcare system to reduce the stress and any adaptation difficulties.

We provide support and interest throughout the preparation and adjustment period with our bilingual, multicultural experience and deep, detailed knowledge of the Swedish healthcare system.

We make a difference from other companies as less than 15% of healthcare professionals have left their positions in the last 10 years.

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