Odyssefs Botsis

Registered Nurse, MSc in Anesthesia, RCNA, Senior Consultant

Odyssefs Botsis is a senior consultant and he is responsible for the stage 1 and 2 interviews and for Nordoc´s educational program for registered nurses. Odyssefs has also taken on project management duties in Nordoc’s recent group recruitments and plays an active role in Nordoc’s continuous quality improvement work. He completed his basic nursing education in Greece but moved to Sweden in 2017 with the help of Nordoc and began working immediately in a specialized surgical unit for Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery at Karolinska University Hospital. He further specialized as an anesthesia nurse in Gothenburg in 2018 and began his service as an anesthesia nurse at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. Odyssefs is active both clinically and academically, with publications in Greek and European journals and conferences, as well as a presentation at the Global Academic Programs in 2020.

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