Equality and Innovation: Two Reasons to Work in Sweden

Innovation and equality rank high on Sweden’s agenda. Year after year, these two areas steadily improve and stand as key reasons why someone would want to pursue their professional career in Sweden. Innovation and entrepreneurship are indeed among the most important factors for the development of an economy, creating more and higher-paying job opportunities.

Sweden’s main concern is to maintain high levels of competitiveness globally, creating a dynamic business environment. Illustrative of this effort is the fact that in many Swedish companies, speaking English is sufficient to be part of their workforce. However, knowledge of Swedish is certainly considered an advantage.

Unions and employers maintain continuous communication and negotiations to achieve long-term stability and proper collaboration between employers and employees. Fewer conflicts between the two sides mean more focus on the goal, which is none other than innovation and growth.

Sweden’s social insurance system is mandatory and covers everyone, funded through taxes and social contributions paid by the employer.Equality

According to Swedish anti-discrimination legislation, everyone has the right to equal treatment regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Everyone has the right to work and live without fear and to balance professional and family life.

In Sweden, gender equality entails equal distribution between women and men in all areas of society. Additionally, it leverages the knowledge and experience of both genders to progress the social whole.

Sweden’s efforts to close the gender gap are best reflected in the World Economic Forum’s annual report. According to the organization, which ranks approximately 150 countries based on the gap between men and women in terms of education, economy, health, and politics, Sweden has consistently been in the top five globally since the inception of the report in 2006.

Work and Family

While achieving a work-life balance in Greece may seem challenging, in Sweden, things are significantly better. Working parents—women and men—have the same rights and obligations, making it easier for parents to find a decent balance between personal and professional life.

Moreover, Sweden is known for having the best parental leave policy in the European Union, with parents collectively entitled to 480 days. Additionally, childcare with extended hours is guaranteed to all parents to facilitate the combination of a successful career with a fulfilling family life.

* With information from: Sweden.se – https://ec.europa.eu

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