Interviews for nursing positions in Sweden

Are you a nurse looking to join and work in the best hospitals in Sweden while living in a society with a well-developed welfare state and a high quality of life?

Nordoc AB has the solution for you! Our company will conduct interviews along with nursing supervisors and directors from Karolinska Stockholm University Hospital and Akademiska Uppsala University Hospital from April 21st to April 29th, both in person in Athens and online, for permanent positions at these hospitals.

The positions involve permanent employment at the orthopedic clinic at Uppsala University Hospital and at the Hematology clinic, ENT clinic, and the Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation department at Karolinska Stockholm University Hospital.

These positions are open to both experienced nurses and nurses with less experience or recent graduates, as emphasis will be placed on personal suitability. You have the opportunity to apply for positions at both hospitals.

To participate in the interviews, registration is required here:

The exact location and time of the interviews will be announced three weeks in advance. The number of positions is limited.

For more information, you can send an email to or alternatively to

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