Our New Logo: A Symbol of Progress and Trust!

Welcome to our new era!

We are thrilled to announce the redesign of our logo, which represents both our ambition for high-quality services and the progress of our company. As we move forward with the addition of new services, our new logo reflects our values and commitment to consistently providing high-quality services.

The new logo has been updated with a modern design that makes it easily recognizable, while still maintaining the dynamic presence of our company as it has been portrayed over the past decade.

The choice of colours reflects the ambition and trust that are key values in Nordoc, while the typography of our logo has been refreshed to be more dynamic and attractive, while also maintaining clear readability after 12 years of successful healthcare recruitment.

With our new logo, we continue to lead the way in our industry as we prepare to expand our services, giving us the confidence that this new symbol will be synonymous with the dynamism of our company and the continued trust of our clients.

Thank you for being part of this important moment for us!

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