Five nurses are turning a new page in their lives!

Ready to spread their wings and fly towards their new life, five nurses, with the assistance of Nordoc AB, will integrate into Sweden’s two largest hospitals, the Academic Hospital of Uppsala and the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

The reasons that led them to make this significant life-decision vary, but they share a common denominator: better working conditions and better salaries in their profession, nursing.

“Wishing to broaden my horizons, I conducted research and found that Sweden is a good choice for a nurse. There are prospects and recognition for our profession,” says Nicholas Spais, who will soon join the team at the Academic Hospital of Uppsala. “Due to my age, I am more conscious of this step,” he adds.

“As for home, initially the Hospital will assist me, and now I am waiting for the military to release me so I can move to Sweden – all things going well – in November. There is some anxiety, but I believe everything will go well,” Nicholas concludes.

How did Nordoc AB help him in the preparation aspect? “It was the pillar of information for life and work in Sweden. It helped me understand how things work in this specific Scandinavian country and to make a plan while I was in Greece,” he points out. “It provided me with guidelines on patient management and generally how hospitals operate in Sweden,” he concludes.

Vangelis Balanikas and Despina Bastani, parents of a two-year-old boy, made the decision to work and live in Sweden because, as they tell us, “the welfare state provides families with the opportunity to have the best education opportunities, as well as access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It is a welfare state that supports the family at every step.”

As for nursing, “it represents an opportunity for professional advancement simultaneously with a better academic environment,” according to Vangelis.

“The combination of professional opportunity and social benefits for the family, coupled with the fact that it is a country within the European Union, led us to choose Sweden,” adds Despina.

Both have placed great emphasis on learning the Swedish language and will also make use of the temporary housing assistance provided by the Akademiska Hospital of Uppsala, where they will be working.

“Moreover, our research highlighted Sweden as a country with great support for families. Already, the Akademiska University Hospital of Uppsala is assisting us in finding the best possible childcare solution for our child,” Despina emphasizes.

“Nordoc AB has helped us immensely, both with language learning, which is crucial for the start of our new life, and with workshops aimed at informing us about life in Sweden and, of course, our profession, nursing,” says Vangelis, with Despina adding, “The workshops are very helpful, especially regarding the information we receive for our adaptation to Sweden.”

The need for nurses in Swedish hospitals is immense, allowing those with willingness and determination to claim a position in them. This is what Dimitra Petraki did, who, after a six-year tenure in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, decided to return to the European continent and specifically to Sweden. In a few months, she will be working at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

“In research I conducted within the European Union, I found that Sweden offers better working conditions and good salaries in nursing,” emphasizes Dimitra, continuing, “In our field, there is understanding and humane working hours.”

As a woman who has lived and worked abroad for many years, Dimitra understands that the language aspect is particularly important. Therefore, she points out that, “From the moment I decided to take this step (to move to Sweden), I started learning Swedish through free applications to have a first contact with the language. Now I am attending scheduled Swedish language courses.”

“The work done by Nordoc AB in terms of preparation is excellent,” she supports, adding, “The workshops held are very helpful, especially for those who have not stayed abroad.”

Katerina Karavida, a graduate nurse from the University of Thessaly, will start her career at the Karolinska University Hospital. “I chose Sweden because it has a very good and organized healthcare system,” she emphasizes, adding, “Among the countries of the European Union, it offers very good opportunities for advancement, while in the healthcare sector, they are pioneers in technology.”

“The preparation I have done concerns the language, as I am attending Swedish language courses, and as for finding a home, initially, the Karolinska Hospital will help me,” says Katerina.

In the journey of preparation before packing for her new life, Katerina had Nordoc AB as a companion. “They have helped me a lot in the preparation process. The company’s people help us and resolve our questions regarding the working conditions prevailing in Sweden,” she reports.

“Even before the interviews with the officials of the Karolinska Hospital, which took place in Athens, they were by our side and helped us dispel anxiety and focus. Also, the workshops are very helpful, especially for issues related to legislation and our rights as nurses,” Katerina concludes.

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