Webinar – Information on Life and Work in Sweden

Join our free online seminar regarding life and work in Sweden, tailored for graduate Nurses (TE/PE) interested in advancing their careers in Sweden.

The seminar will be held online on Tuesday, January 16th, from 19:30 to 20:45 Athens time.

Seminar Agenda:

19:30-19:50 To move or not to move to Sweden? The Swedish job market. Job opportunities today. Prospects for the next decade. Presentation of Nordoc AB Nursing & Medical Career in Sweden.

19:50-20:10 Working in Sweden. Opportunities and the legislative framework for specialization, further education, and training. Career choices, career prospects in public hospitals, universities, and the private sector. The path from obtaining Swedish professional practice license to appointment in a Swedish hospital. Hiring processes, hierarchy in the Swedish healthcare system, privileges, requirements, workplace routines. Salaries, collective labor agreements for nurses.

20:10-20:30 Living in Sweden. Daily life in Sweden, the Swedish lifestyle, cost of living, social structures, differences from the Greek lifestyle, social benefits, housing market.

20:30 – 20:45 Questions / Discussion

Location: Online

Cost: Free

To attend this specific webinar, registration is required here:


For any inquiries regarding the online seminar, you can contact us at nurse@nordoc.se.

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